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Why Choose Monique?

I am a determined individual capable of adapting to numerous situations and environments, either from a self-sufficient standpoint, or as a team player. I possess the flexibility and agility required to adjust to rapidly changing schedules and shifting priorities. I am able to communicate effectively, possess exceptional organizational skills, and have an intricate eye for detail. I am open-minded, which allows me to assist individuals from all walks of life. I will always try to find a solution to the task at hand, even if I cannot personally complete it.

I take pride in all of my work and services, and strive to only provide superior quality that will meet or exceed your expectations. Ongoing communication (available via e-mail, instant messaging, telephone, and text messaging) is always available during the timeframe of the service being provided, to allow for general monitoring and to ensure that expectations are met. At this time, all rates and salaries are negotiable. I am also willing to work weekends and holidays.

My Crendentials

My credentials include the following:

  • Certificate of Achievement in Business Administration
  • Certificate of Achievement in Business Marketing
  • Certificate of Achievement in Small Business Management
  • Cerritos College Deans List Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009

My Characteristics and Skills

  • Adept critical thinker, analyzer, and problem solver
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills (communication style can be adapted accordingly)
  • Able to provide quality and constructive feedback for all environment types from an unbiased perspectve; ideas, opinions, and feedback can be presented in a clear and concise manner
  • Thorough proofreader
  • Ability to take guidance and direction from management
  • Attentive listener, can follow directions accordingly without frequent reiteration
  • Flexible and patient with good diplomacy skills
  • Capable of finishing tasks in a timely manner
  • Ability to type 120 words a minute (WPM)
  • Proficient in Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Linux Ubuntu
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Word 2003-current, PowerPoint 2003-current, and Outlook 2003-current
  • I have no criminal record; I will pass a background check and drug test
  • I have a 100% clean driving record with no accidents
  • I've read 952 books since May 05, 1997 (not counting the ones before this date)
  • I'm experienced with dogs; I have raised 3 litters of puppies and adopted them out, in addition to raising 7 of my own.

Monique's Exhaustive A-Z List of Skills


    Android 2.2 Froyo-6.1 Marshmallow settings configuration; rooting and unrooting
    Android apps installation and configuration (rooted and non-rooted), including app settings configuration and permissions
    Audio Conversion (bitrate or file size and/or converting to another file type)
    Antivirus installation and configuration
    Adobe PDF creation/conversion/editing/removal/encryption/compression/extracting/addition
    AdSense assistance
    AdWords assistance
    Advice (personal and unbiased)
    Appointment Setter


    Bill Payment assistance
    Blog creation and assistance
    Business support assistance



    Calendar creation, maintainer, installation, and configuration (including CalDAV)
    CPanel settings configuration
    Content management systems installation and configuration (including the installation and configuration of addons) Joomla, Wordpress, etc.
    Critic (honest critique of situation, object, or task presented)
    Customized ringtones and notification sounds
    CSS assistance
    Call assistance (I will place and receive calls on your behalf)


    Document editing/creation/conversion/proofreading/encryption
    Debit/Credit card explanations in simpler terms
    Data Entry
    Drawing (freehand cartoon drawings of popular characters)
    Dog sitter/walker
    DVD burning (including single, dual layer, and LiteScribe DVDs)
    Discussion Question writer or assistance for school assignments
    Domain assistance (personal and business); domain setup and configuration


    E-mail setup and configuration (including labeling and filters) and organization for e-mail clients such as Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, GMail & IMAP & POP3
    Elder care (includes light housekeeping, bathing, errand running, meal preparation, and activity engagements)
    eBay assistance: listing, selling, packaging, feedback


    FTP/SFTP/SSH installation and configuration of settings
    Firefox installation and configuration of settings (including addons and themes)
    Firewall (personal) installation and settings configuration
    File/Photo organization
    File Transfer


    Google Chrome installation and configuration of settings (including addons)
    Google Voice configuration
    Ghostwriting services


    Homeschool curriculum (customized to your liking)
    HTML assistance and editing
    Homework assistance (discussion questions and research assistance)


    Internet setup and configuration of settings
    Instant Messaging: installation and configuration of instant messaging clients includes, but is not limited to, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, AIM, and Google   Hangouts, Kik, WhatsApp, Snapchat
    iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod) settings configuration
    iOS apps- installation and confguration of iOS apps
    iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod) jailbreaking assistance



Keyword creator
Kodi 17 setup, organization, and configuration assistance



    Logo design
    Label creation (customized labels of your choice)


    Microsoft Office skills include being proficient in Word 2003-current, PowerPoint 2003-current, and Outlook 2003-current
    Microsoft Edge web browser configuration of settings (including addons)
    Movie/television show extra
    MySQL assistance


    Office clerk


    Photo editing: removal of watermarks/people/objects; add watermarks/people/objects into photos
    Proofreader of all document types
    PHP configuration (web server)/
    PHP script editing
    Petition creator
    Personal Assistant (virtual)
    PostgreSQL assistance


    Questionnaire creator


    Research assistance


    Spyware/malware/adware: removal, installation of preventitve programs, and configuration of preventive programs
    Song finder (by lyrics or the actual song)
    Search Analyst (both Internet and offline environments). Examples of criteria includes, but is not limited to, people, places, questions, and general information
    Social networking capabilities-configuration of social networking settings (privacy and general settings); Social networks include, but are not limited to,   Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn, and YouTube
    Smartphone configuration and setup (includes basic phones as well)


    TV guide scheduler/episode guide listings
    Typist (120 WPM)
    Tutorial creation and assistance


    Video conversion (down converting)
    Video saving (web and social media videos)
    Virtual office assistant


    WebHosting Manager (WHM) configuration
    Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, & Windows 7 (installation of the OS, configuration of OS settings, and the installation and configuration of programs)
    Webpage design (basic)
    Web hosting (setup and configuration)
    WebDAV setup configuration


    YouTube assistance and configuration (profile design, upload assistance, keyword and description assistance)
    YouTube to MP3/MP4 (video converted in song format or saving the actual video)